I acquired the moniker “Muse of Hell” because I am a member of the Heroes in Hell Writers Group as a writer, and I function as the ad hoc admin for the group.  A couple of the things I do for the group include proofreading and copy-editing the short stories submitted for inclusion in the new anthologies which began with “Lawyers in Hell,” published in July 2011, and continued with “Rogues in Hell,” just published in July 2012.

The “Heroes in Hell” series was created by Janet Morris in the mid-eighties and there were twelve original volumes, put out by Baen.  Janet decided to reboot the series in 2010, and established Perseid Publishing, and began gathering authors — some of the original authors and authors new to the series.  The new authors include previously unpublished authors (like myself) and authors with track records… but all  with a particular bent (yes that’s an intentional pun) toward dark, historical, humorous, high-quality writing.

I have been reading several hundred books a year for a few decades and, as I became acquainted with independent authors in the Heroes in Hell group and through Facebook, Twitter and various other online groups, began getting requests from authors for reviews of their work due to my reading history and copy-editing experience.  I started out just posting reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, then joined Goodreads and LIbraryThing and posted the reviews there as well.

After several different people suggested I publish the reviews on a blog, I decided to set one up.  There will be no set schedule to when I publish these reviews, partly because that will depend on my other commitments — I’ll be reviewing in my wealth of “spare time” (whatever that might be).

Some of the reviews are for books I have purchased and some are for books I received free of charge in return for a review; but I will always try to give an honest, thoughtful review, regardless of how I acquired a particular book or short story.  I will include links to these works and, if possible, links to the author’s blog or Facebook page if they have one.

I will start by posting the reviews I’ve done in the past couple of years and then post reviews as I have time to do them.  I hope you find these reviews to be useful.  Remember, these consist entirely of my personal opinion and are informed by my background, tastes and reading experience.  I will note at the beginning of each review whether I received the work free of charge in return for a review or if I purchased the work myself.

I have also reviewed some of the newly released books in Janet Morris’ “Sacred Band of Stepsons” series, some of which I read *cough* as they were originally published and some that are new to the series.  I will admit right at the outset that I am an unabashed fan of Janet Morris and her husband, Chris Morris, because, over the years, I noticed that a significant number of my favorite books had those same names on them, whether they were from the original Thieves’ World(r) series, separate Sacred Band novels or hard science fiction.  When you can pick up a series you originally read twenty-five or thirty years ago and within a short time realize you still remember the impressions you had and the ideas in the books from that long ago, to me that indicates an author with a true gift.  Just sayin’…

This blog may morph over time as I learn more about how to change its appearance and add features… I’m a newbie blogger so be nice!


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