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I participate in some pre-publication review sites whereby I receive free books (usually in electronic format) to read and review.  I try to always be as objective and honest in my reviews as possible, as well as diplomatic.  If I read a book that I do not think of very highly, I will always try to explain what it was I did not like and/or what I believe would make it better.  I will try not to ever be flippant or thoughtless in any review.

What is my experience?  I not only write but I have been reading several hundred books a year for about five decades.  As I got to know more writers, I was asked to review more and more books, so I thought other people might like to read the reviews also.  I read many genres, although mostly fiction, so there is no telling what books you will find reviewed on this blog.  My favorites are science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thrillers, lawyer mysteries (since I worked for a bunch of them), some horror (if not too gruesome), some YA and paranormal, some political tomes and biographies.

The first 20-or-so reviews will all show as having been posted in September, even though they have been written over the past year.  After that, I will post my reviews here as I post them to the other sites.

Please do leave comments as this will help me know if I need to address other issues in these reviews or if I have misunderstood something.  I hope you enjoy this blog.


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