BEYOND SANCTUARY by Janet Morris [First of The Sacred Band “Beyond” novels]

Beyond Sanctuary was the first authorized novel spinoff from the “Thieves’ World(r)” series in the mid-1980s. This is an absolutely beautiful Author’s Cut release with some new material and revisions the author had wanted to make for a couple of decades, and a gorgeous new cover! This represents the first new release in the “Beyond” series – Beyond the Veil and Beyond Wizardwall will also be released over the next year or so.  Beyond Sanctuary begins the “Beyond” series with Tempus and the Sacred Band leaving Sanctuary to travel to Tyse, join with allies from the earlier war in which Tempus helped overthrow the ruler of Ranke, and then assault the mages ruling from Wizardwall who hold three countries hostage to their powers. There is great action involved and viewpoints from both the Sacred Band and the mages and witches, making this a truly riveting book you do not want to put down. The ethos of the Sacred Band is explored and described on a basic level, and some of the continuing characters in the Sacred Band stories begin to come into their own. An excellent read with more to come!

Highly recommended.


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